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Brand Design

Branding so powerful that no one will forget you!

A business without a clear image, name, and design falls into the ocean of other general and not-so-special businesses.  You want to be that RED OCEAN in a big blue ocean of competitors, all vying for the next customer.  

The first impression any customer has of your business is your brand design - the logo, the business name, a slogan. Whether it's on a printed flyer or plastered across Facebook ads or in the Google search results. You want this first impression to have a profound impact on that potential customer, so much so that they can't help but call you because they know in their gut that YOU are the business to solve their needs.

Create new, redesign, and refresh your branding with Studio Concannon's Brand Design and Copywriting services. 

We take a deep dive into the 5 W's of your business, to fully understand how we can help you stand out. We work with you and your team to create something that for sure resonates with YOU and that we know will resonate with your ideal customer.

Our Brand Design Services Include:

Image by Krish Parmar

Branding &
Logo Design

  • Branding Guide Design

  • Press Release Kits

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Business Cards

  • Merchandise

Image by Luca Onniboni

Print Marketing & Copywriting

  • Email Campaigns

  • Ebooks

  • Book Cover Design

  • Resumes

  • Flyers

  • Business Proposals

  • White Papers

  • Case Studies

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